Istanbul: 5 Interesting Places to Enjoy with Your Kids:

3 min readSep 17, 2021
Photo by Torsten Dederichs on Unsplash

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine

If you are looking for kids-oriented places to visit, Istanbul might be an ideal place for you. It is famous for its tasty food, beautiful archival, museums and, beautiful parks. So hit the road and plan a vacation with your family and kids.

Many places in Istanbul are worth watching. But, traveling with kids is different. They soon get bored because they look for entertainment. If you succeed in making your kids happy, you will get to enjoy Istanbul for yourself too.

Although there are many exciting places to visit with your family, these 5 places will entertain your kids too.

Isfanbul Theme Park:

Isfanbul Theme Park is a must-visit place in Istanbul. It is an all-in-one entertainment package as it entertains not only kids but grown-ups also. This park offers the 4th largest roller coaster in the world, which is delightful for people who like elevated rides. The Crazy River and The 360 ride are additional perks that your kids will surely adore.

Isfanbul Theme Park is not just a regular theme park but it’s a huge complex. The complex extends to a shopping center and an entertainment area. You can find an exhibition center, cafes, restaurants, and cinema, all under one roof. It also has a “Jungle” named indoor zoo which is a fun place to stop by.

You can enjoy shopping and appreciate the delicious cuisine of Istanbul, while your kids can have fun on the rides.

Rahmi M. Koc Museum:

Rahmi M. Koc Museum is a versatile museum dedicated to the collection of communication, transport, and industrial objects. It holds in itself, a variety of riveting objects from planes to Thomas Edison’s telegraph patent. It is fun to learn about different objects such as Phonographs, mechanical objects, trains, machines, and much other fascinating stuff.

Bikes, cars, ferry even a submarine can be found there. There are also many famous restaurants there where you can enjoy eating tasty dishes. Rahmi M. Koc Museum is a very informative place you can visit with your kids.

Sealife Istanbul:

Watching the sea creatures from a closer view is the most memorable experience you will get from Sealife Istanbul. It is a fascinating place to visit both for you and your kids. There is a fantastic digital aquarium, a turtle hospital, water feeding shows, and a touch-pool experience for kids.

If you are a sea lover, you will surely love this place too. There are about 15000 sea creatures to explore including jellyfishes, turtles, and even sharks. The environment gets more spellbinding with the thematic zones. A long tunnel About 83 meters lets you view the amazing creatures of the sea right in front of view.

Istanbul Legoland:

If your kids love making legos, then this will be their favorite place. It is an indoor entertainment area. Istanbul Legoland offers the kids to make different structures with legos. It also has a lego 4D cinema, Kingdom adventure games, lego shops, and cafes.

In Legoland Istanbul, you will find famous, legos-made buildings of Europe and Istanbul. The colorful legos and the art behind making different structures will make you amazed.

Istanbul Toy Museum:

Here you will find toys from all over the world. The toys are exhibited with different themes such as train toys are displayed in an actual train. The space toys collection has a space theme for the display. In Istanbul Toy Museum, you can see various historical toys from different eras.

Your kids will love this place. This might also be a good chance for you to relive your childhood memories. The Istanbul Toy Museum might become one of your best memories with your kids.


Visiting these places will not only make your kids entertained but they will also learn and explore new things. Your kids will get to bond with you and learn about history in a fun way. Children grow healthier when parents are involved in activities with them.

The places mentioned above will not only make your kids happy but you will also get to spend quality time with your kids and family.