5 Essential Training Techniques for Your German Shepherd Pup:

3 min readAug 21, 2021
Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

Have you recently brought a German Shepherd pup to your home? Or your GSD pup is troubling you? It’s high time you start training your canine. German Shepherds are herding dog breeds. They are highly intelligent and have a protective nature that’s why they must be trained.

Training a German Shepherd becomes easier if you start at an early age. The first year is the most critical training time for your canine. Below are the 5 essential training techniques which are a must for your German Shepherd pup.

  1. Teach Obedience Techniques to Your GSD Pup:

Obedience training will teach your pup to behave the way you ask from them. The pups become able to understand commands from the age of 3–9 months. Start with the basic commands, such as teaching them to sit, to come, or to stay where they are.

Use positive reinforcement and treat your canine as soon as they follow your command. Once they get a hang of it, stop giving them treats. Instead, use the praise method so that the pup does not only obey you for treats.

2. Housetraining Technique:

GSD pups are the easiest breed in housetraining because they like to be praised. As pups cannot hold themselves for an extended period, they might make a mess in your house. Do not punish them. Instead, clean that area thoroughly and make sure there is no odor left.

Always take your pup out in the morning, after every meal, and at night. It’s better to take them out at every hour to avoid any mishap until you become aware of their routine.

3. Make Them Habitual of Their Crate:

Your pup can stay in the crate while he is home alone. This will prevent him from making a mess in your home. Choose the right-sized crate for your pup. Make sure to keep something to play within the crate for your GSD.

Introduce the crate by feeding your pup in it’s crate. Never force him into the crate. This will create a negative impact on him. Always keep the crate clean. Otherwise, the pup will become habitual of soiling and pooping in the crate.

Photo by Patrick Carr on Unsplash

4. Socialization:

It is extremely important to introduce socialization to your GSD pup. According to AKC, a GSD pup should be taught socializing before reaching the age between 12–16 weeks. Socialization for the German Shepherd before the required age is crucial. Otherwise, it would be tough for him to acknowledge between good and bad strangers.

As German Shepherds are protective by nature, socialization will help them to stay calm in open spaces. Make your pup meet new people and other animals to prevent them from antisocial behaviors.

5. Teach Your GSD Pup Not to Jump on You:

Your pup misses you when you are not with him and gets excited to see you back. He might jump on you in excitement which looks cute initially. But once he is older, he might hurt you or others.

Do not respond to him when he jumps on you. Ignore him totally until he understands that his behavior is not appropriate. It is important to teach him not to jump on you to prevent any possible harm.

Bottom Line:

German Shepherds are a very loyal and smart breed. They are gentle and love to play around. Due to their protective nature, they might look like a threat to people but they are very loving animals. By training your GSD pup, you can guide him to be around people without alarming them.

A well-trained GSD pup will not only become your good friend but, also a good protector if time requires. All you need is love, patience, and consistency to train them.