5 Best Sonic Toothbrushes for Good Oral Hygiene:

6 min readSep 11, 2021
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Maintaining good oral hygiene is a must for everyone. A healthy mouth leads to a healthy gut. That is why dentists recommend brushing twice daily and floss afterward. However, keeping up with this routine is not everyone’s cup of tea. Suppose you are among the people who lag in proper oral care and hate flossing like me. You should then invest in a quality Sonicare toothbrush.

Why bother buying a Sonicare toothbrush?

Sonicare toothbrushes produce vibrations to thoroughly clean your teeth while saving your time. Although Sonicare toothbrushes fall on the pricey side, studies have confirmed that they can help in reducing plaque and gingivitis. As they are built to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Their expertly designed bristles and sonic technology together serve in keeping the teeth squeaky clean. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you want a better solution for good dental hygiene. Listed below are the 5 best sonic toothbrushes that you might want to consider.

1. Slicoo Sonic Electric Toothbrush:

The Slicoo Sonic Electric Toothbrush provides 38000 vibrations per minute and comes with a 1-year warranty. These vibrations are strong enough to clean your teeth thoroughly. The Slicoo toothbrush bristles are designed for 100% plaque removal and to successfully clean the interdental spaces of your teeth.

It comes with a USB cable and takes only 6 hours to fully charge. The Auto shut-off option prevents teeth and gum damage. The Slicoo toothbrush heads are designed by Dupont, which is well known for its durable bristles.

Its 5 cleaning modes make it suitable for everyone. The slicoo sonic toothbrush is mandatory for people who want to keep their oral hygiene top-notch.


  • It comes with 4 extra brush heads
  • 5 modes: whitening, cleaning, sensitivity, gum care, and polishing makes the Slicoo Sonic toothbrush a complete oral care package
  • The smart timer and Auto shut-off feature make it a smarter option for your healthy teeth and gums


  • Completely waterproof body
  • Gum care and sensitive mode are helpful for people with sensitive teeth
  • The small brush heads are perfect for crowded teeth or people with a smaller jaw
  • It’s a quiet toothbrush, doesn’t make much sound
  • USB cable makes it travel friendly


  • The mode buttons should be placed at a little lower side on the handle to ensure a comfortable grip

2. Philips Sonicare 4100 ProtectiveClean:

The Philip Sonicare 4100 is a basic brush with sonic technology. It’s perfect for people who are not so tech-savvy. Its ergonomic handle and single cleaning mode also make it a beginner-friendly sonic brush. If you haven’t used Sonicare toothbrushes before, you should start with the Philips 4100.

Its single-mode doesn’t make it outdated because it has a built-in 30 seconds sensor which is excellent to prevent excessive brushing. The Philips Sonicare 41000 also comes with a pressure sensor. It is put up to alert you instantly if you exert extra pressure on your teeth.

The sleek design of Philips Sonicare helps to maintain proper dental hygiene by cleaning the posterior teeth effectively. Philips Sonicare 4100 is an easy-to-use plaque removal brush.


  • Provides 7 x more plaque removal than an ordinary brush
  • Works on a Lithium battery
  • Quadpacer and Smart timer prevent damage of teeth with a buzzer
  • Reminds after 2 minutes of brushing time to avoid over brushing of teeth
  • Come with a brush head replacement reminder
  • The battery charge indicator reminds to charge the brush without getting dead
  • The easy-start setting enables the beginners to get used to the vibrations
  • Works with any Philips Sonicare brush head
  • 2 weeks battery life


  • Budget-friendly quality product
  • Densely packed bristles help in the effective removal of plaque
  • It comes with 2.5 years warranty
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Single handle usage with different brush heads also makes it cost-friendly


  • Slightly difficult to use by people with a small mouth
  • No travel case provided

3. Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0

The Waterpik Sonic Fusion 2.0 is great for people who want good oral hygiene but don’t like to floss. This fantastic product enables you to brush and floss your teeth simultaneously without causing any inconvenience. Its sonic technology keeps your teeth cleaner and whiter than they were ever before.

The Waterpik fusion 2.0 is accepted by the American Dental Association. Its brush and floss technology help in removing plaque and keeping teeth spotless and healthier. The easy to brush and floss technology of Waterpik fusion 2.0 helps to maintain good dental hygiene while saving your time. If you are looking for fast and effective ways for your oral care, Waterpik sonic fusion 2.0 is built for you.


  • Its sonic technology is 2x more efficient than regular brushing
  • The slow/fast brush settings make it a handy tool
  • Timer for brushing helps in effective cleaning of teeth
  • Remove food residues efficiently.


  • Excellent for those who want a complete oral kit
  • It makes flossing easier and hassle-free
  • Perfect for people with braces and people with crowded teeth


  • A little bit on the pricey side
  • A bit noisy

4. Colgate 360 Sonic Floss-Tip Toothbrush:

Colgate 360 sonic toothbrush is the best economical sonic toothbrush you can get. It’s 20000 sonic strokes per minute and tongue and cheek cleaners offer a gentle deep-cleaning of your mouth. The floss tip bristles are made to clean the teeth below the gum line 4x more efficiently.

If you are looking for a gentler sonic brush, then this will be the best option for you. The Colgate 360 sonic floss tip toothbrush deep cleans your mouth entirely with its gentle vibrations and tongue and cheek cleaner. Its floss tip bristles offer a cheaper way to floss your teeth.


  • Gentle bristles are excellent for people with gum disease
  • The floss tip bristles, tongue and cheek cleaners thoroughly cleanse your mouth
  • It flosses your teeth while you brush
  • It’s a good quality economical toothbrush
  • Gentle bristles
  • Comes with two AAA batteries


  • Built-in tongue and cheek cleaners help in overall mouth cleaning
  • Good for people with gum receding disease
  • Best for people with sensitive gums
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • Disposable brush head
  • Not suitable for people who like stronger vibrations

5. AquaSonic Duo Wireless Charging Electric ToothBrushes:

The AquaSonic Duo is clinically proven to be more effective than ordinary brushes and offers 40000 vibrations per minute. The 40000 per minute vibrations of AquaSonic Duo improves blood circulation of your gums and eventually results in healthy gums. The AquaSonic Duo provides total oral care with 4 modes of cleaning.

It can be used up by the whole family as it comes with two brush handles and 10 extra brush heads. The long battery life and 4 different cleaning modes of AquaSonic Duo make it the best value-for-money Sonicare brush. The brush heads of AquaSonic Duo are assembled by Dupont, which is well known for its quality products.


  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Smart vibration notifications
  • Traveling case provided
  • Fast Wireless charging
  • Improves gum health
  • Keeping the traveling case, and extra brush heads in mind, it’s a good product at an affordable price


  • Waterproof handles
  • Its extra sets of brush heads goes a long way
  • No need for USB charging


  • The vibrations may be intolerable for you if you have very sensitive gums.

Bottom Line:

Photo by Sherise VD on Unsplash

Whether you like it or not, maintaining good oral hygiene is essential. If you struggle with maintaining proper oral hygiene, it is better that you find yourself a good quality sonic toothbrush.

Sonic toothbrushes save time and are more efficient than traditional toothbrushes. Take care of your oral hygiene to achieve healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile with the above-mentioned sonic toothbrushes.