13 Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger and Better?

7 min readAug 17, 2021

A room is a relaxing spot for everyone, but if your room is always messy and filled with clutter, that same room can become a nightmare for you.

Organizing and managing a small room is extremely important if you want your space hassle-free. Once you learn to organize and manage your small room, it room will look much bigger and a lot better.

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Make your small room look better and bigger with these simple steps:

Managing a Small room is no rocket science, you only need some creativity. and few simple steps to follow.

So let’s get into it!

A small room requires the right kind of light, paint color, and the right strategy, to make it look bigger than it actually is.

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Understand the layout of your Room: Before investing your time and energy, you should first decide the layout of your room and the changes you want to make to it.

By following this step, you will be able to utilize your small space more efficiently.

Maintain Your Budget: When you start looking for ideas, you might want to follow everything you see or read. However, it is important to understand that not everything will suit your style and requirements. And might also not fit in your budget.

So plan first and buy only the essential stuff. Not everything you like is also useful for you.

Dig Deep: Before spending your money, visualize how you want to see your room after the makeover.

You do not only want to change the look of your room but you also want to organize it. So it can be more manageable.

Make yourself comfortable with the changes you are going to make to avoid ending up frustrated.

Research: Nowadays, there are a variety of options to choose from. If you buy random organizers, decor pieces, or furniture items, without any research, you will end up wasting money on unnecessary stuff. so research before buying anything to avoid frustration.

13 Simple Steps To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger And Better:

  1. Declutter Your Room:

Now when you have finally reached this point, take your start with decluttering unnecessary items.

Decluttering not only helps in letting off of your damaged and unused items but, also helps to manage spaces more efficiently.

Over time, we accumulate stuff forming clutter.

By going through every item in your room, you will find lots of stuff that you can let go of.

I would suggest you start decluttering in categories, such as clothing, shoes, etc. Decluttering stuff in categories helps to get a proper understanding of what should be kept and what should be discarded or given away.

2. Choose Paint Colour:

Paint color plays a vital role in changing the look of a room. For a small room makeover, it is important to choose a color palette that makes the room look brighter and bigger.

Light or neutral colors make the room look bigger. Mostly white color is chosen to give a spacious look in a small space. But it is not necessary to choose only a white shade.

You can go with neutral tones of your choice. Such as beige or light colors as off-white, sage, blush, etc.

Light blue, blush pink and sea green shades are great for making the room look pretty and spacious at the same time.

Do not forget to match your paint color with your bed and other furniture items.

3. Use Bright and Proper lighting:

If you have a good source of natural light coming through your small room, it is best to utilize it. If not, then you should install bright lightings in your room.

Bright lighting in a small room plays a vital role in making the room look bigger and much better.

Instead of using light at a common angle, use lightings in different areas of your room. This technique gives the illusion of a bigger room and makes the room look spacious.

4. Make Good use of Curtains:

It is most appropriate to use light-colored, thin fabric curtains in a small room. This gives the room an airy finish. Darker and thicker fabric curtains make the room look much darker and smaller.

The most common trick to make your small room look bigger is to hang your curtains high, closer to the ceiling. This trick gives the illusion of a larger room.

5. Avoid Bulky Furniture:

For a small room, look for furniture that not only looks elegant but also multitasks. Such as a bed with drawers. Ottomans, or tables with compartments or drawers, etc.

Remember, the key is to match your style with the right kind of furniture. Avoid bulky furniture items in your small room as they make the room appear much smaller.

Use elegant-looking furniture that takes up less or vertical space. It is better to use a few large pieces of furniture than many small furniture items because small furniture makes a small room look cluttered.

Only keep essential furniture items such as a bed, a closet, a working table, etc. Non-essential furniture items take up extra space.

6. Choose Upholstery Colour:

Choosing your upholstery color is your choice, but it is best to go for monotones. Using different colors in a small room makes it look small whereas choosing monotones makes the room look bigger.

Your curtains, bed-sheet, and all the fabrics in your room should be light-colored and match each other. This gives the room a spacious finish.

Although, it’s best to go for soft colors in a small room. If you like, you can use solid colors such as yellow, orange, or any contrasting color that matches and looks good with your room paint.

7. Place a Comfortable Bed:

The bed should be the most comfortable furniture item in your room. It is the only place in your room, where you can sleep and relax.

But, if your bed is always messy or cluttered with clothes then your sleep quality gets affected.

To get a good night’s sleep, make the habit of keeping your bed, clutter-free. Also, the habit of making up the bed first thing in the morning gives a sense of accomplishment.

8. Customize and Organize your Closet:

A closet is a must in every room. Investing in a good closet is worth your money.

It is important to have a closet, that has space for all your clothes and items. Choose a well-compartmentalized closet that fulfills all your needs.

If you already have a closet, you can easily manage it by using:

  1. Adjustable dividers.
  2. Drawer organizers.
  3. Hanging organizers or stackable baskets.
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9. Use Organizers:

With the help of proper organizers, you can easily manage stuff in your small room.

There are a variety of organizers to choose from. But, you have to be careful before buying them. Not every organizer can suit your needs. You need to first research and decide which type of organizers will be best for you. A few of the most useful organizers are listed below.

  1. Over the door hanging baskets and hangers.
  2. Stackable storage containers.
  3. Under the bed storage drawers.
  4. Pull-out shoe organizers.
  5. Self-adhesive hooks.

10. Utilize Your Wall Space:

Utilizing wall space in a small room gives the freedom to place your things away from your eyes. Utilizing wall space properly, makes the room appear larger and also provides space.

If you have lots of stuff that you can’t manage in your small room, You can install overhead cupboards. Or you can place floating wall-mounted shelves to keep your books or other items.

11. Set A Working Corner:

Setting up a designated corner in your room will help you focus on your work and avoid distractions.

Set a corner in your room where you can study, or do your office work. If you are a creative person, you can set up a creativity corner instead.

When you set up a particular area for work or creativity, you will automatically avoid putting stuff here and there and messing up your room.

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12. Avoid Floor Decor:

A small room already has a limited amount of space. Using floor decor that ends up taking lots of your floor space might not be a good option for you.

Avoid such types of floor decor that take up lots of space. You can alternatively use sleek vertical decor pieces that require little floor space.

You can also use small rugs to bring color to your room.

13. Make Sure Everything Has A Place:

Once you have managed and set up your small room, Make sure that everything in your room has a dedicated space. So that, you do not end up putting stuff randomly in your room. This step is essential to keep your small room managed and clutter-free.

Also, make up a habit of decluttering frequently, at least once a month. When you make decluttering your habit, you will be saving your time and energy in the long term.

Make a rule of keeping all the surfaces clear in your room. This will not only give you the feeling of relaxation but will also help you in keeping everything at its designated place.

You can follow these few useful tips to create space in your room.

  1. Using boxes for organizing items in your room.
  2. Using transparent organizers to make everything visible.
  3. Using transparent jars to separate small items.
  4. Labeling everything helps a lot in organizing stuff.

Organizing and managing your stuff will give your small room a better finish and, will save you from frustration in your daily routine, and provide you well, stress-free emotional health.